General cleaning

Residential cleaning services

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Between the meetings at the office, traffic, children, laundry or dinner to prepare, many professionals or families, nowadays, barely find time to clean out their homes. Well, you are not the one and only!

At Atlantis Emploi, we are fully aware of your challenges, as we provide a full housekeeping service where each room of your house is cleaned thoroughly while respecting your privacy!

Whether it's for occasional or regular cleaning of your home, our team adapts to your needs. Here are a list of tasks performed:

  • Dusting furniture, wall units, doors, and windows
  • Cleaning handles, cabinets, countertops, appliances and electronics
  • Emptying and cleaning bins
  • Vacuuming and washing the floor
  • etc...

Choose Atlantis Emploi so your place may reflect your precious self!

Commercial Cleaning Services

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Are you in the business field? Then, you already know how much your clients' opinion affect your wealth. While working on a good branding to attract them, you should also keep your installations at their best. Keeping them clean is the best way to inspire trust!

This is our mandate at Atlantis Emploi: establish and treat your credibility within your customers ! We offer a fast, efficient service that aligns with your business hours. Our team is able to perform:

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Ventilation Duct Cleaning
  • Cleaning and polishing floors
  • Cleaning under pressure
  • Cleaning height structures
  • Windows Cleaning
  • etc...

N.B: This service is best for office buildings, shops, grocery stores, great stores, etc.

For a particular need, please contact us. Our agents will estimate your needs to guide you towards the best solution!

Industrial Cleaning services
( pressure wash )

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Atlantis is a Quebec company that has been evolving for years in the sanitation industry, in other words public hygiene. In view of the growing needs in this area, we are convinced that we can bring other methods that are more efficient and also more rational so that we can better control the safety in order to ensure better protection of public health. In case of absence example: (maternity leave, CSST) Atlantis is available to assist you in your replacements, and the rental of labor.

Characteristics of our services

The quality of the service we offer is incomparable anywhere in Quebec, and this has allowed us to meet some of the major challenges. We have a diverse, dynamic team of more than 150 employees throughout the province of Quebec.

  • Develops customized hygiene solutions
  • Develops and implements maintenance protocols HACCP/BPM/GFSI/SQF
  • Develops and manufactures different products
  • Offers general diagnostics and wholesomeness with building & plant maintenance programs.
  • Washing - Disinfection - Sanitation agro-food production area
  • Create innovative solutions that deliver ingres_result_seek(result, position)

Our ultimate goal is to create the opportunity to improve the quality of our environment, whether it is the workplace, the environment in which we live, or the environment where we spend the majority of our time.


In common with our team, we develop good habits and a thorough knowledge of cleaning procedures. This is a kind of benefit for our company and our employees.

Our well-developed, very comprehensive programs enable us to achieve good results and more satisfying for our clients.


Health facilities and food factories are under pressure to control the hygiene of staff and their buildings. Because infections and contamination continue to proliferate. Atlantis Maintenance offers a service that applies to an excellent level of control of pathogens in the work environment.

Caractéristique de nos services

All our employees and supervisors have the following trainings

  • CSST


We are committed to providing you with better quality maintenance services. All our cleaning products are based on efficiency and performance.

Atlantis durable products meet the highest standards of quality in terms of health and safety.

Our professional cleaning products eliminate the use of harmful cleaning agents and protect the environment.

Our services are now available at a competitive price


For more information about our services, please contact us.

Sanitation and hygiene services

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In the field of food processing, the Canadian Agency of Food Inspection (CFIA) is the organism which is responsible of checking the quality of products sold on Canadian soil on a regular base. In return, the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) deals with Canadian food products exported to the United States. Thus, health and safety standards must be strictly observed to avoid outbreaks and contamination of the population. What makes the food sector one of the most demanding.

Atlantis Emploi offers its expertise for the sanitary maintenance of food businesses that must, periodically, undergo disinfection and remediation of their plant with parasitic and bacterial controls. Our lists of services includes:

  • Cleaning of production and cutting machines
  • Countertops and floors cleaning
  • Disposal of production waste according to standards
  • etc...

One number to serve you: (514) 360-0424. Call us today!

Snow Removal Services

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November is here and winter is already shaping the corner! Among the blocked entrances, slippery sidewalks, parking lots buried under snow, it's always a mess, or even dangerous at times, to freely move. Well, it does not have to be so!

This year, entrust Atlantis Emploi with your snow removal and live differently this period! We cumulate a great experience in this field while using the most powerful equipment. We'll take care of you by clearing parking lots, unblock your entrances, driveways, sidewalks or stairs for both residential and commercial customers.

The storm is raging outside? Relax, Atlantis Emploi is taking good care of everything! YOUR PEACE, our guarantee.

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